Do you need guidance when it comes to meal choices?  No, I don’t mean someone watching your every move and telling you what to eat/what not to eat!  But, do you need meal ideas, or a meal plan to take out the guesswork so you can focus your energy on staying on track?  Or do you need something the whole family will enjoy, and not say, “Ew it tastes like cardboard, just because it is healthy!”  Well here my friends, I have answered those requests and created 138 pages worth of meal plans for yourself and your whole family to enjoy!

All recipes are clean recipes that I have modified my old favorites, to make them “lighter” or created in order to satisfy those taste buds!  Each recipe is gluten free, many are dairy free, grain free, paleo or vegetarian!  And they are easily modified to cater to those with food allergies or intolerance, or to picky eaters (I know you’re out there!!)

For JUST $9.97, you get this 5 week plan, tips on how to meal prep, grocery lists & more!


–        1 Month of Meal Plans (Daily plans for each meal, snacks & all)

–        Meal Prep Tips

–        Grocery Shopping Tips

–        Grocery Lists for EACH week

–        Step by step recipes

–        How to transform your meals so you aren’t eating the same thing all day, every day!


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