Team KNOCKOUT, was established in 2013 and consists of Team Beachbody Coaches throughout the United States and Canada who all have one common goal, ending the trend of obesity.

You may ask, well what is a Team Beachbody coach?!  A Team Beachbody coach is basically a personal cheerleader, and health coach leading people to their goals.  They keep them accountable, motivated and most of all supported, throughout their entire journey.  When someone sets out to make a lifestyle switch, the last thing they want is to feel alone!  It is our job to make you feel at home, comfortable and lastly motivated more than ever to reach your goals.  We host challenge groups, where people take the Beachbody Challenge, by completing a Team Beachbody signature workout (Insanity, T25, Hip Hop Abs, P90x, etc.) and drink a super food shake, called Shakeology.  Throughout their journey their coach is what keeps them accountable, motivated and to help make them feel that they aren’t alone! 

Team KNOCKOUT is looking for people LIKE YOU to help spread our mission of health & happiness! Now that 2016 is here, TKO is kicking ass and taking names! Why wait any longer? If you’re anything like me I’ve declared 2016 is the year I’m going to change my life for the better, and make it the best year yet! But in order to do get different results, you need to DO something {DIFFERENTLY}! Our team is growing like wildfire and we are looking for individuals like YOURSELF that want to pay it forward! 

I will help you reach your own health and fitness goals WHILE inspiring and helping others do the same! This is something you can do very part time all the way to full time! With no monthly quotas, or pressure because you’re your own BOSS! The only fees are investing in your health and bettering yourself! We have all kinds of people on the team: college students, nurses, teachers, veterinarians, stay at home moms, nanny’s, daycare providers, paralegals, doctors and more! I’ve been so blessed with this opportunity I want to help others do the same, and not only help others change their lives but change their own as well! What we do is share our story, inspire others and help others do the same! It’s YOUR turn to join a sisterhood of ladies who want to single handedly change the world through health and fitness! Don’t walk, run, this opportunity ha changed my life for the better! Not only have I matched my WEEKLY income at my J.O.B. I’ve been able to help people change their life as a challenger or coach! I’ve been able to gain confidence, lose weight, gain friendships and realize we’re in this together!!

Whether, you have completed a challenge group, are new to Beachbody but have always wanted to help others, or become a fitness coach then this is for you!  Don’t worry, you won’t be taking flights weekly to meet with your challengers, nor will you have to work set hours.  That’s the beauty of this “job” you do it when you can!  And you move your business as FAST, or as SLOOOOOWW as you like!  I’m accepting applications and I’m looking for people like YOU to join our movement! If this is something YOURE interested in… CONTINUE on with completing the application below!


Want to join my team?  Here are some prerequisites:

  1. Work towards your own fitness goals, as you help others achieve theirs.
  2. COMMIT to pay it forward, and help others.
  3. Have an open mind, and a pair of listening ears
  4. Willing to learn from some of the best, through trainings, calls, etc.

Do you want to truly LOVE your job, and find your passion?  Join Team KNOCKOUT, where together we help others reach their goals and single handedly end the trend of obesity! 

Become a KNOCKOUT Today.

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