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Enrollment for my 2016 KNOCKING OUT our Goals Challenge is NOW OPEN (to help YOU reach your goals alongside me!) I decided that I needed to take my health and fitness to a whole new level in 2016, being more consistent and be immersed in a group of people who wanted to do the SAME! I’m launching my 2016 FITFAM COMMUNITY which is an ongoing group for those looking to change their life for the BETTER in 2016! 

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•My Private FitFam Community (Knocking Out our Goals GROUP!)
•My Cleanses/Detoxes
•My Coaching, Support & Accountability for the YEAR!
•Portion control system that’s so simple!
•At Home WORKOUTS —> Short, Effective Workouts from HOME!
•My meal plans and all that have helped me lose over 20 pounds and 25+ inches!

For more information or to join us complete the form below or Email me at with any questions!